LEAP is a trauma informed, activity based program that runs three days a week for eight weeks. LEAP has up to eight students aged 13-14 years and two teachers. Students must be clients of the Austin Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CYMHS) service and be referred by their Case Manager. There is also an Outreach component where students are visited at their base schools, as required, for up to twelve months. Current students are also encouraged to attend their base schools on allocated days.

The program is suited to young people who are experiencing difficulties at school which may be leading to social challenges, low attendance or the risk of educational exclusion or disengagement.

The aim of the program is to re-engage students in a positive learning environment while enhancing personal skills and identifying educational and vocational goals and pathways.

Students are provided with educational programs that reflect their individual needs.

The LEAP program has five main objectives-

To re-engage students in a positive learning environment by providing an academic, social skills and activity based program.

To enhance Interpersonal Development

To promote Personal Learning skills

To promote Literacy and Numeracy skills

To provide activities through excursions, outdoor education, physical education and the Arts.

The LEAP classroom: