Paediatric Adolescent Ward Program

The Austin School provides an educational program for young people from 5 to 18 years who are paediatric patients of the hospital. Young people who attend the Austin School have been admitted to the hospital with a serious health problem that usually requires hospitalisation for a minimum period of one week. The students suffer from a range of health problems including disordered eating, epilepsy, spinal and skeletal injury, acquired brain injury (ABI) and chronic illness. When able, enrolled students attend the classroom located on Ward 2 West, otherwise they are attended to by the Austin teacher bedside. Other patients of school age within the hospital as well as young people who have been admitted to the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital can also be referred for educational support. The aims of the program are to engage students in the learning process, assist them in maintaining connectedness with their home schools and assist in their transition back to school after discharge. The curriculum concentrates on student wellbeing, personal and interpersonal development and literacy.