Professional Development

The Austin School provides specialised educational services to students aged five to eighteen years who have significant emotional, physical and/or psychiatric problems. Teachers work closely with multidisciplinary teams from Austin CYMHS and Austin Health and liaise with the student’s home school.

The Austin School provides professional development for teachers and educational support staff focused around supporting students with significant social and emotional issues in schools and managing difficult situations for both primary and secondary settings.

We can come to you! Click to see our Primary and Secondary In-School PD Flyers.

Contact Matthew Di Domenica for prices and dates for your personalised staff PD.
Ph: (03) 9496 5324
Fax: (03) 9457 2642

The Austin School is also running on-site Professional Development sessions in 2020. See our Austin School 2020 PD Calendar for details.

If you would like to attend one of our on-site PD sessions, click on the session below to download the flyer and follow the links for online registration:

Managing Trauma & Behaviours of Concern in the Classroom

Tools for Secondary Teachers Working with Students who Struggle at School and in the Classroom

Supporting Students with Anxiety & School Refusal in the Primary Years

For more information regarding Special Needs PD for teacher registration, see the VIT website.