The REV (Return to Education and Vocation) program is an eight week part time program, for young people aged between 15 and 17 years. All young people who participate in the program are clients of Austin Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and referred to the program by their Case Manager. The program is suited to young people who are experiencing difficulties at school which may be leading to social challenges, low attendance, or the risk of educational exclusionor disengagement.

The aim of the small group program is to re-engage students in a positive learning environment whilst enhancing skills that will enable them to re-connect with an appropriate educational or workplace setting. The activity based program encourages student engagement, resilience and personal skills to strengthen learning and relationships. Students participate in Music, Art, an adolescent health program, weekly excursions, work education sessions leading to work experience and group activities.

In addition to the wide range of mental health conditions which bring young people to Austin CAMHS, many have experienced difficulties at school which may be leading to social challenges, low attendance or the risk of educational exclusion or disengagement. As such, the REV program is flexible and responsive to the individual, social and emotional needs of each young person. Individual educational and vocational goals and plans are established which identify appropriate pathways back into school, vocational training or the work force.

At the completion of the program teachers provide outreach contact for a minimum of one term. This ongoing support aims to assist student transitions into new settings and help consolidate positive changes made during the program.