The Austin School is a Department of Education and Training (DET) school located within the grounds of the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg. The school provides specialised educational services to young people, both inpatient and outpatient, who have significant emotional, physical and psychiatric problems. All students are patients of the Austin Health and/or Austin Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS).

The Adolescent Inpatient Unit currently accepts referrals of young people (13 to 17 years) from the North Western sector of the state. Younger children (0 to 12 years) from across Victoria can be referred to the Child Inpatient Unit. Patients from the Paediatric Ward and Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital, whose stay in hospital is considered long enough to affect their learning, can be referred to the Paediatric Ward Programs.

Young people who are outpatients of Austin CYMHS can be referred to short term programs by their case manager which are designed to support students’ social and emotional learning and assist in their return to an educational or vocational setting.

We offer a range of targeted programs for both primary and secondary aged students who are from both government and non-government schools. Liaison with home schools is an integral component of The Austin School’s programs. Attendance for all students is for the short term.

Aim of the School:

The Austin School provides an educationally based intervention for students who are patients of Austin CYMHS and Austin Health. Students are supported to improve their wellbeing, to make positive changes and to be successfully reintegrated into education or vocation.

School Mission: Educating the whole student.

Our Students will engage in a safe and supportive learning environment that will enhance relationships, social and emotional skills and support their transition to education and vocation.

School Values:

At the Austin School our values are Inclusive, Curious and Respectful. We work with students, families and the wider community to ensure we are inclusive of everyone, curious about life and learning and respectful in how we approach our interactions with others.

See The Austin School’s brochure here.