Social Education Program

The Social Education Program (SEP) caters for primary aged students who are experiencing social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties in their enrolled schools. These difficulties can include behaviours of concern, difficulties with emotional regulation and social interactions and/or school refusal/disengagement.

Children are referred to the program by the Child and Youth Mental Health Services (CYMHS) Outpatient Teams. Case Managers refer children to the program after consultation with their parents.

The SEP program is a part-time program that runs for one term, with the students expected to attend their base schools when not attending the Austin School. The curriculum is based on the Personal and Social Capabilities within the Victorian Curriculum and includes a range of self-regulation and social skill based frameworks.

The main focus of SEP is to:

  • Develop student’s emotional literacy and appropriate ways of expressing emotions
  • Explore and practice various forms of calming and self-regulation strategies
  • Develop and practice social interaction skills
  • Support a positive re-integration and participation within the base school environment.

SEP teachers visit the enrolled students in their mainstream schools and work collaboratively with various base school staff, such as the classroom teachers, student welfare coordinators and integration teachers, to develop positive support strategies for their students.

See our program brochure here.