Social Skills

The Social Skills program is an educational program for primary outpatients of the Austin Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS). The session occurs once a week for two hours.

The timetable includes cooperative group tasks, Respectful Relationships activities, sport, and a themed activity every week.

The priority of the program is for the students to be engaged in a meaningful and educational experience with the focus on social skills. An individual learning plan is developed by the Austin teachers in consultation with clinicians, case managers, base school teachers, parents and students.

The Social Skills program aims to:

  • Develop and practise appropriate social skills.
  • Develop personal skills.
  • Promote confidence and resilience.

The program emphasises skills such as:

  • Promoting confidence and resilience.
  • Developing emotional literacy.
  • Fostering initiative and independence.
  • Identifying personal strengths.
  • Problem solving and help-seeking strategies.

The program is suitable for a student who:

  • Has difficulty making or keeping friends.
  • Can become isolated or withdrawn.
  • Has difficulty negotiating, turn taking or sharing.
  • Is anxious or worried.
  • Has difficulty regulating their emotions.

See our program brochure here.