Social Skills

The Social Skills Program is a primary educational program for primary outpatients of CAMHS. The session occurs once a week for two hours.  The timetable includes cooperative group activities, homework review, sport, and a themed activity every week. Students are aged from 5 – 12yrs and attend the program for one or two terms. The students may have a range of mental health diagnosis and may have experienced educational, social and emotional problems at school.  The program is flexible and responsive to individual needs and the curriculum is adjusted to meet the capacity of the group. The priority of the program is for the students to be engaged in a meaningful and educational experience with the focus on social skills. An individual learning plan is developed by the Austin teachers in consultation with clinicians, case managers, base school teachers, parents and students.

The Social Skills Program consists of several components including conversation skills, team skills, social awareness, relationships skills and responsible decision making.  The curriculum delivered within these components is informed by the aims of the school and the Program, and by AusVELS that promotes these aims.  Specifically the Program focuses on the AusVELS domains of Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development.  A proactive approach is taken to incorporating ICT in the Program.